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Short Code Services

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PROINSIGHT Technologies Short code Reseller platform works like a Dedicated short code platform, which gives you the opportunity to have your own dedicated Control Panel to create unlimited Short codes and Keywords to your customers at your own desired price, reseller buy short codes and keywords from Proinsight Short Code at a very low price and resell to there customers at there desired price. Joining our reseller platform you are more like a Short code Provider who can service thousand of short code users, you have access to a real time robust Reseller Website Like ours with your Company Logo, Brand, Pricing, and a Real time Short code Management Control Panel where you can manage all your short code users, you also have a Customize control panel which will also be given to your customers to manage the short code they registered under you, they will be able to view there Inbound Replies from Subscribers, Gross Profits etc.


1. Branded Reseller Short code Website Like ours with (Company Logo, Color, Pricing) etc
2. Free Domain Name of your company e.g (www.yourcompanyname.com)
3. Branded Real time Robust Reseller Control Panel to manage all your customers
4. Unlimited Desired Short code & keyword for instant usage (buy at 20k and resell)
5. Customers Short code Management Control Panel
6. One time set up fee
7. Sub Re-sellers Management system
8. Pay admin monthly access fee only of the Short code you register with us with as we don’t have anything to do with your clients.


1. Manage Accounts (Customers Account), (Expired Accounts, Active Accounts, Di-activate Accounts, Delete Accounts)
2. Customers Account Login
3. Customer Income Report

Join The Online Millionaires Rank Today and see how well create out campaign from short code service of Net earn of NGN30.00 will Deposit into your Bank Account NGN3,000,000.00! No exaggeration its real!



Account name: PROINSIGHT Technologies
Account Number: 0107832961
Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank
Purpose of Deposit: SHORT CODE SERVICE

Forward your Teller No., Depositor’s Name and Purpose of Deposit to 07034534116 and in just 48HRs your Platform will be Processed and made available to you.